SEO Overwhelm Buster – 5 Tips To Cut Through The Noise And Start Getting Results

A lot of the companies that I train on SEO, whether it’s one-to-one consultancy, workshops, or our members in Froggo+, they all suffer from an initial overload of information which more often than not leads to overwhelm.  This comes mainly because of the  many SEO techniques there are that you can add to your optimisation tool belt.

Article Marketing, Blogging, Web 2.0, Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, Directory Listings, .edu and .gov sites, Link swaps, Press Releases, 3-way linking, Social Bookmarking, Pinging, Feed Syndication. Spinning, posting, commenting, submitting… the learning curve is steep and I can see how people can get overwhelmed.

In this post my aim is to cut through all the noise and give you what you need to know to have a successful SEO campaign.  Great if you do your SEO in house and hugely beneficial if you buy it in as a service and want to avoid the SEO sharks.

Before Anything You Need To Understand How Search Works

We could have got our animators to make an amazing video showing “How Search Works” but we figured Matt Cutts does a pretty awesome job of it here:

(plus he’s a far bigger SEO nerd [like])

So you can see that Google is a database, a pretty huge one at that!  Now, one thing to note here is that by doing “SEO” we can never manipulate the results that Google displays – This is what Google penalise against if they catch you.  Instead, we get our results by creating and posting good quality content that positions us/you/me as the authority for our chosen keywords on external sites with a link back to the target URL (  This is what’s known as a backlink, and it’s these good quality relevant links that you need to focus on getting with your SEO efforts.

Here Are My 5 Tips To Cut Through The Noise And Easily Start Building Good Quality BackLinks For Your Website

  • 00:49 – Get your customers or partners that you regularly work with to link to you.
  • 01:24 – Recommended personally by the engineers at Google – Create a blog for your company.
  • 02:06 – Create good quality unique content that visitors will want to share.
  • 02:36 – Create PR opportunities.
  • 03:20 – Relevant directories or listings.

I really hope this helps clear a lot of the confusion up and stops the overwhelm for anyone new to SEO.  If you’re still unclear and have any questions please comment below.  Additionally, if you just want to send me some love and appreciation, that’s also welcome.

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  • Steve Plotkin

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    • James Downton

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