“Hummingbird” useful to know for those who use internet marketing


On 27 of September Google introduced new search algorithm called Hummingbird. Why it is called Hummingbird? Company claims that this algorithm is fast and precise as hummingbird.

This was the big day for Google because it is the biggest update in more than a decade. The last time Google did something as huge as this project, was in 2001. For comparison Google makes 500-600 small updates annually. But this doesn’t mean that Hummingbird is entirely new algorithm. Some of its 200+ parts, like PageRank are from older versions. Why? Because today they can’t offer anything better to replace old parts.

So, how does the new algorithm works, and why is it so different form older versions like “Panda” or “Penguin”?

The Conversational search is the biggest advantage of new version. Conversational search has natural language, semantic search and more built into it. Of course it is not working perfectly, but still it looks promising. Until this update Google was using keywords from query, to answer to question, but now search engine is paying more attention to whole query as a unit, whole sentence, not parts of it. It focuses on the meaning behind the words. For example you can ask Google “what’s the most northern part of United Kingdom?” And it will provide you an answer, that it is “Marshall Meadows Bay“, after that, you can ask more about the same subject, for example “how to get there? “ And it will provide you a route.

Why this is important to know for those who are interested in online marketing?

This update will affect 90% of all searches. Furthermore , it shows us what we can expect form the company in the near future. It is clear that websites with simple, informative and broad text will be at the highest Google search positions. So this update is useful not only for internet users, but also for those who use internet marketing.

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