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Why Only 1% Of Companies Succeed With Their Internet Marketing


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I’m going to spend the next 10 minutes showing you why 99% of people that embark on marketing online fail.  I’m going to explode you’re current capability.  In 10 minutes? Big ask.  And I’m going to tell you the one thing that you must get right in regard to your marketing online, and then of course in the next 80 minutes, I’m going to make the first 10 minutes seem tame.  A bit like I did yesterday.  So you kind of know what you’re in for, let’s go!

So here’s my problem.  Most internet marketers, when they start thinking about going online, they ask me to describe what internet marketing’s all about.  You know, can you describe this in layman’s language or just plain old English because there’s a lot of jargon around internet marketing.  Has anybody been exposed to the world of internet marketing? Right, so you’ll see that I’m not a surfer.  I won’t use words like dude or awesome, or crush.  I’m actually going to tell you what really works online.  But when somebody wants to understand what does online marketing mean, I kind of had to think more about an analogy.

My analogy is an engine.  And everybody online is trying to teach you about components, they’re trying to sell you spark plugs.  They’re trying to sell you oil filters.  That’s about the only two things I know about an engine as I think I said yesterday.  But all theses bits go in an engine.  And we all recognise very clearly, with an engine, that if something doesn’t work in there when the ignition turns, the car doesn’t move anywhere.  So we get into this habit of understanding, yes I’ve got to have another new shiny spark plug, yes I’ve got to have this extra special oil filter, otherwise my engine won’t work.  And actually, all these things are out there.  You’ve got to learn WordPress, somebody will tell you.  Then they’ll say you need to learn about Facebook iFrames.  Because if you haven’t got a Facebook fanpage you’re not alive… apparently.  The you’ve got to find all these plugins that’ll work for you.  Add a shopping cart and PayPal if you want to be really sophisticated and actually try and sell something online.  But you’ve got to do one thing’s buy loads of magic buttons.  If you don’t have any magic buttons in online marketing, you’re not an online marketer. You’ve got to then create all of these social media accounts for yourself and talk to the world in ways that no body would want to even hear you.  And if you’ve done all of that and you want to do it sophisticated, you integrate an auto-responder.  

Now, I don’t know about you but that confuses the hell out of me.  And actually this is why 99% of people fail.  Because of that image.  It’s overwhelming and it puts you off.  Now I’m going to give you a little bit of overwhelm today.  I’m warning you in advance.  But I’m going to show you tomorrow why you don’t need to feel the way that I’m going to deliberately make you feel.  Well I’m not going to deliberately make you feel, but you’re going to feel it.  Because I’m going to give you some detailed stuff that works and I’m going to show you some very specific ways that you can actually make money.  Remember what I said yesterday, my job on this project is to get you paid, right?  I’m here to make you make money.  So all of that “stuff” that you’re learning with Bob, and all of that “stuff” that you’re learning about marketing, it’s going to get you some money in your pocket, otherwise you’re having a nice hobby.  Make sense?

So, my very first lesson on Internet Marketing Your Way To Millions.  Write this down.  It’s not about the Internet. It’s about the marketing.  I think I covered that off in detail yesterday, did I not.  The internet is a tool for communication, it is not the end in mind. Clear?

Here’s my second lesson about learning how to make millions on the Internet.  The Internet is not the market.  It’s only the route to market.  So if you keep your frame of reference in the ways that I was teaching you yesterday, and you keep an understanding that the Internet is not this big bogie scary thing that everybody’s chasing after.  Ignore the gold rush.  Do NOT get inline for a plot of land to go and siv for gold on the Internet, because your gold is around these walls.  Your gold is in the stuff that you’re going to produce as a result of this three day seminar.  The Internet is not the gold.  Are you with me?  So I want to show you exactly how to turn what you’ve got into money, rather than run off chasing things.

Why Web Designers Can Be Very Bad For Your Brand

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So, let’s move on to building your website right?  So let’s say you’ve done your marketing concept test right.  You know where you’re starting from.  You know what your message is. You’ve done your kitchen table thing.  You’ve written out your articles.  You’ve got your content ready but now you’ve got to build your website.  Wordpress.  It’s free.  That’s what you want. WordPress.  If you want to go and learn WordPress, be my guest.  Google loves it.  Website developers hate it because they can’t charge you big fees for it.  They want it to be in Flash or they want it to be in this, they want it to be in lots of different things, it’s why I have three different website developers.

Now there are times if you’ve got a project that you don’t want WordPress, but for almost everybody in this room, WordPress is not only sufficient, it’s actually what you want to be focussed on doing.  So is actually three sites.  All like knitted together.  One of the critical ones for the marketing is WordPress.  

So, there’s two different types of websites that you can go for right? An ugly one or a beautiful one – actually, that’s NOT right.  You’d think that when you go to a website designer and they come back with these concepts.  You know, they’re pink, they’ve got flowers on them and they’ve got all these things hanging off them and they flash.  You know, the American ones all blink at you.  You know, to try and do the pattern interrupt.  We don’t do that over here, in terms of the blinking.  If you go to Lithuania, they’re drawing in crayon.  Haha sorry, he’s not here, we can do it in a different way.

So you’ve got two things right?  You either brand yourself.  So if you’ve got your book, you’ve got a product to sell, you want a branded version of a website, brochure online.  Good for lawyers, good for professional practices, a branding website.  It adds authority, it adds weight to the brand but there’s also a secondary version of that which is what we call a fast action website.  I don’t know if that’s a technical term we borrowed from somebody else but that’s the language that we happen to use in our company.

And this is a fast action website.   There’s a video that explains what it is, it tells the visitors what they need and what they’ve got to do about going and getting it.  Much better than text, who reads websites?  Our attention spans are shrinking so much that we’re not interested in necessarily reading text.  So you’ve got to think carefully about what you put on your site, what you put on your home page.  You want it to be reinforcing your message, but the core message, I think needs to be in video.

Now, I happen to be in a mastermind with a lot of other internet marketers because I want to know what they’re doing, keep an eye on them and when you’re doing conversion comparisons, video and text is the best.  So everybody will go, ‘you need to only do video’.  And other people go, ‘you must only do text’, but actually I’ve seen the numbers and if you’ve got video with text, that converts the best.  And when I say convert I mean they take action having seen it.  So if you’re not comfortable with your face on a video and you want to make money online, I suggest you either get a face transplant or get comfortable with it, or hire an actress or an actor, or do a different version.  Do different ways.  We do a number of different ways of doing video for clients.  Sometimes I’ll do it and shoot against a green screen for them.  We do a slideshare presentation or a slideshow presentation with different music on there.  So there’s different ways you can get your message across but your marketing message needs to be delivered like that (clicks fingers), in a way that they want to hear it, and it’s video that does that.

The second most important thing is a call to action right?  So you’ve done all of this work, all of this thinking, all of this preparation, all of this design and actually what you really need to do is deliver for them a call to action.  Because otherwise, they’re going to leave your website and not do anything.

The only purpose you’ve got a website for is to get a name, address, an email, of a possible prospect for your product or service.  You will not sell to them often on that first pass.

The Power Of Niche Marketing – What Works And Why

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Here’s the really neat thing about the internet.  Measure twice, cut once, sell ten times.  Sell twenty times.  Sell thirty times.

I used to come from the world of supermarkets where choice, too much choice was overwhelming, and supermarkets made some trade off decisions because they only had so much cubic air to allow products to sit on.  But here’s the beautiful thing about the internet; there’s infinite shelf space.  And also infinite overwhelm. So how are you going to stand out?  How are you going to get to that number one position on Google.  You’re going to have a video, an MP3, have a .doc, have a Google doc, you’re going to have a PDF.  You’re going to have any suffix you can for the same content.  

Now, it’s easy to make money on that isn’t it?  I’m going to demonstrate this to you maybe tomorrow.  I’ll demonstrate how it actually works.  But this is why it’s important and it’s the only thing I really want to labour on today, and it’s about search engine marketing.  Search engine marketing.  So you’ve got to think about, what’s the person that you’re targeting thinking when they’re sat at their computer.  The problem is, as we learned yesterday, they think many things.  And they think different things at different times of the day, and they think different things depending on whatever role they’re sitting down to think about.  You with me?  So they might be looking for, I came home last night while you guys were doing your board break, and my new wife is sitting there and she’s looking at Halloween costumes for our son.  Earlier on she’ll have been doing something else, looking for something else.  Earlier on, she’ll have been on looking for insurance for a car that she’s got being delivered.

So different modes, different wants, different ways of searching.  But universally, we’ve been taught to go online and look and do our search online, first for information an then if it’s an expensive item we then go along to the shop.  It must really cheese off the shops because you walk in and somebody says, “Can I help you sir?” and you say “No, no thank you I’m just looking for the Sony CamCorder X550 that’s on sale at the moment for £399.99 instead of £525.  Could you show me where they are please?”  And they go, oh there’s my commission gone.

It’s all about search engine marketing and it’s about database search for keywords and it’s the keywords that get indexed.  It’s the words that get indexed. These little robots, the things that Google use called spiders, they look for words.  They look for language.  And language is all about marketing and it’s low cost conversion.

Now, I’ll labour a little bit more about keywords.  Markets are communities of people and they have market specific language.  There’s the first clue.  If you’re trying to sell something to a target market, work out what their language is. Work out what works for them in that language. It’s not the language that you think it is by the way.  So go and find out what that is.  Ask them.  Pretty much. Ask them.

I do a lot of product development on Linkedin.  I’ve got a lot of sales products as you might understand for businesses, and you know, one of the things is the top ten things of why sales people lose.  So I can solve those top ten problems why sales people lose.  People find that interesting.  That whole product was built on asking a question on Linkedin.  What are the top ten sales people lose? And, how can you solve that?  And I got like a hundred and fifty answers, and I went, there’s my product, cool.  I just need to build on their ideas.  You can do the same thing on Twitter.  You can do the same thing on Facebook.  Ask questions.

Keywords.  There’s a picture of my new bride.  Those of you that remember me from August, I was just about to get married the week after that seminar.  It went ahead.  I didn’t get out of it. It was quite successful and I just use that to sort of demonstrate that if you’re trying to target the weddings market, Shin Yi’s back isn’t she?, you inspired this.  So, Shin Yi jumped up last time because she’s in the weddings market and wanted to know a little bit more information for herself, that was cool.

So if you’re targeting the weddings market, these are the keywords that people will search for, right?  The market niche as well is wedding photographers, wedding singers, wedding flowers.  Believe you me, I know all of them.  I know all of them intimately in two countries. Because we ultimately married in Lithuania.  So keywords, let’s say Sarah and Karen are looking for keywords.  This is what they find when they search on Google. So far so good.  So Sarah’s looking for wedding photography tips, Karen’s looking for wedding photography pricing and they’re both indexed, but the problem is the traffic.  

This is why Keywords are so important to you.  It’s all about traffic. It’s all about understanding where people are and how many of them are there.  So this is where keyword research is so important.  So, one of them’s got 217 people a day looking for it and the other one’s only got five.  Where do you want to be ranked?  Where do you want to be seen, where do you want to be visible. You want to be over here right?  Well actually, I’d go for both because 5 a day’s not bad either.

Save Yourself £50,000 – Avoid The Shiny Buttons

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We’ve got some expert internet marketers in the room and they’ll agree with me on many of these things.

So, What we talked about yesterday for those of you that weren’t here, I thought one or two of you might come back, on the second day. So we talked about knowing your customer, knowing your business, knowing your brand and knowing your relationships but above all you need to know that you’re capable.

Here’s the first thing that I want to address in this potential internet marketing overwhelm that you face.  I need you to know that you’re capable.  Everybody can make money online. Everybody.  You need to know that you’re capable.  That big scary thing that’s in front of you, “because I don’t know stuff”, put that out of your mind.

So, by show of hands who holds this belief? Who believes, “I want to be capable”?

How many people who raised their hand can’t quite see the way that colour changes on the screen? How many people have told themselves a lie just with the raising of that hand? I wonder.  Because if you WANT to be capable, you’re lying to yourself.  I don’t want you to walk away from this seminar feeling that you’ve had a nice chinese meal and wondering why you’re hungry after an hour you left the seminar.  This is NOT one of those pumped up American, attitudinal, woop-dee-doo seminars, even though we’ve got a Woop-dee-doo American at the back of the room.  Just case and point, notice I’m still wearing shoes NOT trainers.

So, you might tell yourself this lie if you believe you want to be capable because I’m not here to give you that belief. You’ve got to know you’re capable. Now, this is really important for me as a mentor to you.  It has to come from in here.  You’ve got to know that you’re capable.  Now, I can’t help you if you don’t know that because you will continue to be mesmerized, like Homer Simpson, by shiny buttons, ooh beer over here, ooh there’s another shiny button over there.  You’ve got to know that you’re capable and I’ll tell you why.  If you hold that belief central to everything you do, you will save yourself thousands, and thousands of pounds.  You will make yourself immune to many of the shiny buttons that’ll come floating past you in the months to come.

Some of you may know from the last seminar, but for those of you that are brand new, I had a project.  My project that I’ve been working on, for nearly eighteen months, is a brand called and I’ve done lot’s on this.  I’ve nearly £200,000, £250,000 on this project.  This is a big global project.  But I was doing, it’s all based on original research, I’ve done aspects of concept testing, I’ve done brand testing.  I’ve done what I teach other people to do and I’ve done this on this project.  I’ve done software development like you wouldn’t believe.  I’ve got three different software houses working on this project and I’ve actually had three different web designers as well because the first two were rubbish.  We’ve done all sorts of BETA testing, and those of you that are my friends on Facebook (some of you are), if you’re not yet my friend on Facebook get your smartphone out and join me.  Go and ask me for a connection and join me on Facebook because I talk a load of drivvle but it’s nice.  It’s fun drivvle on Facebook.

So I’ve gone through the ringer on developing this internet based project, now for those of you that were here yesterday you’ll remember I said that my first company that I ended up selling was an internet based organisation. It was based on an internet based concept. This is going to be even bigger.  Why am I telling you this? I’m not selling anything to you on this, why am I telling you this?

Well it’s because I went after engine components. I wondered around the UK and abroad and I went and I bought loads of stuff off some of these people, you may recognise them and you may not recognise them but I bought loads of stuff off people and I bought engine components on my project, Me, the marketeer. Me, the guru that knows everything that there is to know.  Got lead by the nose by the big shiny bulbs telling me that I needed to have this, and I needed to have this, and I needed to have this.  Now I’m not making any judgment on any of the names on that screen if you happen to know any of them, but none of them helped me with anything that had to do with online marketing.