Build Your Marketing Campaigns Around Spending Behaviour

Video Transcription

So here’s a little bit of theory to mix in with some of the things that I’ve been saying.  If you want to end up with a finished transaction, you’ve got to be able to understand people’s spending behaviour.  And the cross-over between that is where you as a company deliver the promise to the customer that you made them.

You deliver the promise.  You get money.  Logical.

But how can you shape spending behaviour?  Well that’s when marketing comes in to play.  And what you need to do in your marketing is in your customer, you’be got to  create (for them) the expectation of the promise.  And the way that you can shape the marketing is by planning correctly how to do it.

And that is all about being able to anticipate the need of the people that you are marketing to.  Marketing planning is all about being able to anticipate, in advance, what you think your target market is going to think, feeel, and do.