A Warning About Google’s New Disavow Tool

What’s This All About Then?

Last Tuesday Google introduced a tool that enables website owners to disavow links to there website.

Disavow you say? Yes, the new tool allows you to login to your Google webmaster tools and completely deny responsibility for links that you specify that link back to your website.

If you’re a regular Google Webmaster Tools user the process of doing this is fairly straight forward.  However, the tool itself is definitely not to be messed with.  Think about it and ask yourself…

Why Would Google Create A Tool Like This?

If you thought the idea of SEO was to create backlinks to your website you’d be right.  So why would anybody want to undo all that hard work?  Matt Cutts explained in this video that the primary aim and focus of the tool is to help clean up any bad SEO that you might be being affected by.  Perhaps you hired a cheap SEO that went out and used spammy robots to create poor quality content and then blasted that content out to some dodgy link networks that are linking back to your website.  These are the type of links that Google are expecting you to want to clean up.

The other opinion is of course the opinion that I know a lot of SEO’s have already formed, which is that the big G might just be loosing the battle to Black Hat SEO.  We’ve all seen it.  As soon as Google shut down one loop hole, the Black Hatters find another way to manipulate the search results.  Has it gotten out of control?  So bad that Google don’t know which links are good and which are bad – they are relying on website owners to tell them which links they think are bad?

I’ll let you form your own opinion but either way, it’s very sneaky!

Does This Effect My Website?

Not if you’re a Froggo SEO client, and in most cases you probably won’t ever need to use this tool.  If however you chose not to hire a professional SEO company that knows what they are doing and instead you actually hired these guys…

A Warning About Googles New Disavow Tool

…you might want to check what sort of links are pointing to your website.

As always, questions and comments are welcome below.  Also if you’ve actually used the tool please let us know what affect (if any) it’s had on your SEO performance.