3 Ways To Never Run Out Of Blog Content Ideas

When the creative part of your brain packs up and leaves it becomes impossible to think up of new ideas for your blog content.  No matter how hard you try… in fact, the more you try, the harder it gets to land a good idea.

What you’re missing is inspiration and in this short post I’ll be sharing 3 easy tips that you can implement to get your creative juices flowing again.  

#1 Google Reader

This has to go at the top of my list as it’s my favourite way to get a feel for what the latest hot topics are.  Google reader is a Google tool that brings all your favourite RSS feeds into one place.  It’s kind of like a newspaper that’s tailored specifically for you.  You decide on the subjects which is why it works so well if your blog is about a particular topic like SEO or web design.


You can scroll through all of the headlines and see what the main topics are about.  Perhaps there’s some ground breaking news in your industry that you can give your opinion about!

#2 LinkedIn Answers

Here you can ask questions about problems that you or your subscribers/customers are having and turn them into new posts.  It also works great the other way.  Go and find some groups that are in your industry/niche.  You want to pick the ones with the highest number of members with the most activity.  Monitor what’s being said, figure out who the key influencers are, and then answer any questions that they have with a new blog post.

Never run out of blog content ideas

“Hey Name, I saw your question about xyz.  I get asked this same question a lot, so you inspired me to write this blog post – hope it helps.”

Now you’re on their radar and you’ve just written a blog post that you know is genuinely of interest to people in your networks right now.  Of course this doesn’t just apply to LinkedIn – it works with Facebook groups and amazingly well with Twitter’s search engine.

#3 Tutorials

It’s a golden ‘oldie but it’s going in my top 3.  Tutorials are great because they solve problems instantly.  And where do people go to solve their problems? That’s right, Google (or Bing and Yahoo if you’re part of some kind of Google hate club).  So, despite the tutorial method being somewhat overused, it’s a great way to dramatically increase traffic to your site/blog from the search engines.

never run out of blog ideas

A great way to find highly effective blog titles for conversion is to use Google’s instant search feature.  The key is… don’t hit search! Just type a word, hit the space bar, and then type another word – see where it takes you!  Start with “how to…” for best results.  Another benefit to this method is that Google are of course giving you these suggestions because they’re popular right now!

how to get a flat stomach

What About You?

So those are my top 3 techniques for unblocking my creative pipes.  Let me know below what techniques work for you to never run out of blog content ideas.


  • http://xcitedigital.com Nahida Meah

    Xcite Digital, the company I work for, use Google Reader already! Whenever I’ve got a writer’s block I just look for more blogs to subscribe to and get inspiration from, it’s really that simple. An alternative to the late LinkedIn Answers would be Quora which allows you to share your content too.