3 Reasons To Use Wistia In Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Hello it’s James here and in this short video I’m going to be sharing some pretty cool stuff that we’ve been using with Wistia in our email marketing campaigns.

What is Wistia?

So firstly what is Wistia?  Well, in the words of Wistia, themselves: “Professional Video Hosting and Analytics for your Business”.  So basically instead of using something like YouTube to host your videos, you can use Wistia to have much more controls over things like video player options.  Things like colours, play buttons, you can even add clickable Call To Actions (CTAs) at the end of the video which can be either an image or text.  Of course, that’s great if the video’s purpose is to make the viewer do something once they finish watching.  I would hope that all of your videos do this!

So let’s take a look at some of the reaosns why we’ve been using Wistia in some of our recent email marketing campaigns:

1) Fast upload, Sexy Video Player, Easy To Use

One of the great things about using Wistia videos in an email marketing campaign is the fact that it’s just so easy to use.  At Froggo, we like to use a lot of video as our tests show that our conversions are generally much higher when we do.  So this means that sometimes we’ll use a sequence of videos in a campaign.

Now, before using Wistia, we would self host all of our videos and use a player like JW Player or Easy Video Player.  But the problem with doing this is that you have to convert videos to be web ready.  A process that depending on how powerful your computer is, can take hours of unnecessary time spent.  With Wistia, you just select your file, upload, add any custom settings you want, and embed.  Simple.

2) Powerful Heatmap Tracking

Powerful heatmap tracking makes Wistia what it is.  It’s a feature that most video hosting providers just dont have.  So what’s so good about it?  Well, on the first day of a new email campaign you’ll be driving traffic to a landing page where you’ll be wanting visitors to take some form of action whether it’s to call you, leave their email, or just download something.

Now, with your Wistia video embedded on the page, you can now track how people are watching your video:

  • Are they watching it all the way to the end?
  • When are they dropping off?
  • At what time in the video is that… Is it after a particular CTA?
The heatmaps give you all of this data.  It really is powerful data to have as it allows you to split test your videos and improve them on each new launch.  Of course this will work particularly well if you have a product or service that you run regular promotions for.

3) Email Tagging

If you thought the heatmap tracking and other analytics data was powerful, email tagging will excite you further.  So what’s email tagging?  Well, the data that we’ve already pulled from Wistia is pretty powerful on it’s own, but now imagine if you had a way of telling which subscribers from your email marketing list watched the video, how long for, when they dropped off, and what time in the video was that?

Not only that… how many times did that individual person watch the video, what day was it when they watched, what time specifically did they watch it?  Now imagine segmenting these people by these stats and adding them to some kind of lead scoring software like Office Autopilot, tailoring a custom follow up sequence for each, and then sending them down that particular marketing funnel.  You’re going to have yourself a pretty powerful marketing campaign.

Remember it’s all about the data.  Make sure you’re collecting as much of it as possible.  Ideally you want to be able track your sales from the very first marketing touch point right up to when they buy, and continue tracking through that buyers customer life cycle.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video.  Any questions, comments or feedback are welcome below.  I’m James Downton, at Froggo Marketing.  I’ll catch up with you next week.