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New Internet Marketing Tool

Get more information about your clients

You will never have too much information about your clients, their attitudes and behaviour. Until now you had to collect it by yourself or by hiring company to do this for you, but Google decided to make this process much easier and introduced new tool, called “Consumer Barometer”.

This new tool provides a possibility to gather information about consumers in a very simple way. It can show you what is the role of search engines in the purchase process, how do consumers research and purchase products, how consumers access the internet and also let us compare purchase behaviour across countries. It allows you to describe your audience in gender, age, education and internet usage categories.

How does it work?


Let’s assume that you want to know how many people, older than 40 years old, in United Kingdom thinks that the best websites are those, recommended by friends. In this case you have to visit “Consumer Barometer” website:  choose DATA MAP from menu bar, describe your audience by pressing Audience > Age > 40+. From the Topic column choose Consumer Attitudes > % of people who think that websites that are recommended by friends are more important than other websites, than choose your Country (UK in our example) and finally press GO TO GRAPH button, And you will get the graph which shows us, that 48% of people thinks that websites recommended by their friends are more important than other websites. So we can state, that half of your audience will not be attracted by internet ads. And this only small part of what this tool is able to do…

To whom is it useful?

To everyone who are going to use (or are using) internet marketing in their businesses. Let’s take another example. We are selling sports equipment  and in our opinion people only buy it from the stores. But is it true? We can use Consumer Barometer to check how many consumers search sport equipment online before actually buying it? Surprisingly even ¾ of consumers do this, and 29% people buy sports equipment online. This means, that maybe you even don’t know, but you are not reaching big part of your potential customers. 

We recommend you to try this tool, and your questions, comments and feedback are always welcome below.